February Newsletter 2016

February Newsletter 2016

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The last two months have been challenging for RAW. While most of us enjoy the opportunity to relax

and kick off our shoes over Christmas and summer this period offers different challenges for our women.
Without the structure of study or work commitments this period was a challenge to stay occupied
and focused.

We hope you enjoy reading about what RAW and the women have been doing over December –
February 2016.

Welcome Todd Foundation

It is with great pleasure we welcome Todd Foundation as our latest funder – www.toddfoundation.org.nz.
RAW believes it is a great fit with Todd Foundation’s goals to:

• Focus on communities which are excluded or disadvantaged
• Create relationships and environments where people help themselves and each other
• Actively involve the people and communities served
• Build inclusiveness
• Have good leadership and strong teams
• Involve approaches that are likely to work deeply and effectively


We look forward to a productive ongoing relationship with Todd Foundation.


Raw Open Day

On 19 February RAW hosted an open day at the incubator homes for funders and potential funders so they could meet the women and find out more about the incubator programme and RAW’s successes and learnings to date. The feedback from our funders was extremely positive and they and the
women enjoyed the opportunity to meet each other.

Keynote Speaker for EY Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2016

The launch of this year’s Entrepreneur of the Year programme will be a conversation with Annah Stretton MNZM – Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 at the EY alumni evening at Auckland Art Gallery on 23 March. Gina, as our first incubator participant will be joining Annah as part of the presentation on RAW’s work.



Thank you

A special thank you from the RAW women to:

• Riverside Lions for the Christmas trees and cakes
• Friends of Auckland for the Christmas presents,
especially for our children

For one of our women, overwhelmed by the generosity of complete strangers, she said this was the first
Christmas she had received gifts she knew weren’t nicked.


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Summer Holiday

Over December and January all our women enjoyed time at the Bryant Retreat at Raglan due to the
generosity of the DV Bryant Trust.

For many of the women a rest and relaxation holiday was a new experience. Especially the opportunity
to spend time close to nature. They enjoyed walks, swims, and kayaking, collecting cockles on the beach,
picnics, the gypsy fair, crafts and lots of good food.

“Last year the DV Bryant Trust agreed to make its Women’s Retreat facility at Raglan available over
Christmas/New Year to the women in the RAW programme. It was so successful that we’re looking to
repeat the exercise in the future….RAW is effecting tangible and lasting change in the lives of these
women, their children and wider whanau. A poverty of spirit and aspiration is giving way to hope and
expectation. Women who have been hugely disadvantaged by personal and social circumstances are
realising that life can be different.”

Lindsay Cumberpatch, Chief Executive, DV Bryant Trust



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Summer School

In January three of our women began summer school at Waikato University. Monique and Alissa both
received the top mark in their marketing paper for their group assignment where they had to create a
new product and build a marketing campaign around it. This has been a huge boost to the start of
their university study journey.

Semester One Begins

Three of our women began their study journey on Monday 15 February at Wintec in hairdressing and
horticulture. After weeks of anticipation they were all excited to finally start. Another has started her
second year of study and is loving being back in school.

Orientation week for semester one at Waikato University has begun. Four of our women will be studying
e-commerce, law, and sport and leisure studies.

A RAW wing at Wiri Women’s Prison

As part of our ongoing relationship with Corrections a dedicated wing at Wiri Women’s Prison is being set
aside for RAW from March. This is amazing recognition of the impact RAW is having on re-integrating
women back into society. A separate space will remove distraction and encourage additional growth
before release.

Drug Testing

For many of our women using alcohol and drugs is a precursor to offending. As part of “leading a legal
life” the women are randomly drug tested. Not knowing “when” helps to encourage them to keep clean.
A big thank you to The Drug Detection Agency for donating their service to RAW.

How many on the pathway?

We currently have 10 women in incubator homes and in prison we have 31 women on the pathway. Of
these as many as 10 women may join the incubator homes in the next 5 months.

Over the last month two of our women have chosen to leave the incubator home model. The separation
from family is too much for some and the rules RAW asks them to live by are tough. The RAW journey
encourages transformation but not all can find the commitment from within for the journey.

As Parole Ends

Some of our women are coming to the end of their parole period. As part of their reintegration journey
we are working through with them how the model will look as they continue with their education and
accept greater responsibility and freedom of choice.

Lastly, we’d like to thank you all for your on-going support. Please share our story with your friends and

Finally we hope you will enjoy reading about one of our women and her journey to date with RAW in her
own words. Click here to read Alissa’s Story.