From Te Whakaruruhau

From Te Whakaruruhau


RAW is about meeting the dreams and aspirations of our people!

Traditionally women’s crisis services have been ambulances at the bottom of the cliff.

Te Whakaruruhau has learnt that making long-term positive and sustainable differences in the lives of vulnerable women and their children requires more than that.

Everybody needs someone who believes in them. The role of mentor is to be that person.

The mentors associated with RAW are all successful women who are prepared to be there for the long-term, they are robust, capable experienced women from all walks of life.

It’s about building hope, it’s about creating a belief in ones self. It is the women who lead the change in their lives. It is the women who decide what is best for them. It is the women who will make a difference. RAW is a way they can discover their greatness.