July Newsletter 2017

July Newsletter 2017


The In Excess store provides part-time employment for the RAW women and your support helps to keep them engaged and motivated. Stock at In Excess store is running low. Can you help? The store needs:

  • Furniture and beds
  • Bedding
  • Knick Knacks
  • Collectibles

Pick-ups can be arranged for large items. Contact [email protected] to arrange.



Now is a good time to tackle the garden so it is looking its best for spring which is only a month away. Need help?  RAW Angels provide a range of supervised services at competitive rates and supplies all its own equipment. Call or email [email protected] to find out more.



Looking for a speaker for your next event?  RAW is always looking for opportunities to share the RAW Journey for our women.  Be inspired by the incredible challenges overcome and life changes being made.  To find out more about having RAW speak contact [email protected].



Teri came to RAW in late 2015 and left within 10 weeks before being recalled to prison.  This time she has chosen to return to RAW with a clearer idea of what she wants for herself and how RAW will help her achieve her goals.

We posed some questions to Teri to share how she is finding the journey with RAW and a little about who she is:

Number of years incarcerated:  9
Number of children:  2

If you were talking to yourself about coming to RAW for the first-time what advice would you give yourself?
Do I know what I want?
Have I got a plan or future goals?
Does RAW have the support I need to achieve my goals and to support me with my life changes?

What does a typical day look like for you now compared to before you went to prison?
A typical day for me now consists of purpose, structure and discipline.  My days are always proactively balanced and I am learning more about not only myself but what healthy and normal is.   Life before prison was consumed by drugs, alcohol, crime and boredom with no sense of direction, no awareness of myself or the environments I put myself in.  Whereas now I have it all and so much more ahead waiting for me.

In your time at RAW what life lessons do you want to pass onto your children?
I would like to demonstrate that change is possible.  That independence is good and that there is a new normal in life and it involves being humble and successful.  That going for your vision and passion is doable through time, effort, motivation and determination.  How to overcome and manage life’s challenges in a positive way and to be kind to oneself as well as others.  To be a good role model.

What are your aspirations for the future?
Stability, security and happiness orientated to a healthy balanced lifestyle.  To own my own café and home. To make a difference even in one person’s life. Inner peace and love, and to leave my children with a legacy.

Are you a handshake or a hug type of person?
In a professional matter I’m a handshake person.  To those I am close to “huggies” it is.

What is the one thing you cannot live without?
Family and balance.

What is your favourite time of the day?
Mornings as it’s the beginning to a new active day of evolving.

What song makes you happy?
“Treat me like somebody” by Tink.

What do you love about the age you are right now?
I love the shift in my age.  At first I thought I was getting old or plain boring.  However, this is not the case, I am getting wiser and more aware which gifts me with patience, humbleness and the ability to take ownership for all I do in my life.  It’s a beautiful feeling to live with me now.

Which living person do you most admire?
Due to my previous lifestyle I can honestly say all things and people from the past that I admired and idolised were simply for that life, not this one which I am still shaping.  Therefore, I can honestly say I am not there yet and haven’t found that person.  I will though, further down my journey to success and happiness.