RAW is the proof that miracles happen…

RAW is the proof that miracles happen…


I was so impressed with the RAW work. I was privileged to sit next to Awhea. She blew me away how beautiful she was in every sense of the word. To come into that environment and converse so competently, through dinner, with people who would be right outside her comfort zone was astonishing. I nearly fell of my chair when she said she had been out of prison for 4 months, I had expected so much longer.

I have been to some of our prisons, not the woman’s prison, as part of my work and it is always disturbing. I always come away thinking we will NEVER rehabilitate anyone from this environment.  RAW is the proof that, provide a different environment,  and miracles happen.

I noticed  a few of the women were wiping away tears when speaking to the girls that Annah brought with her. It is certainly incredibly powerful seeing and hearing Annah’s guests as part of her presentation. I have a number of brochures and will certainly be spreading the word and trying to get furniture etc directed RAW way.

It is truly inspiring work that you are all doing. I have talked about it today and everyone is very interested.

Margaret  Cain