September Newsletter 2017 – A Focus on the children

September Newsletter 2017 – A Focus on the children


An exciting part of the work that RAW does is having real impact on the next generation (the children of the RAW women.) We’re already seeing this through changes in parenting, education and the employment opportunities being offered to the children and teens of the RAW women.

The RAW women love their children, but would be the first to admit they have not always been good parents.  Changing their lives and reconnecting with their children is now a key motivator for them.


Krystal was the founder of the original mentoring programme and has remained part of RAW. Earlier in the year she gave birth to her third child. A strong focus on healthy living, and Annah’s support has helped Krystal immerse herself in motherhood for the first time, allowing her to truly nurture her two children and her new baby with confidence.

Krystal is also looking at starting her own make up business, with RAW’s help, and is involved in part time study at the university. Krystal is still breast feeding Storm, and has a goal of getting to one year’s feeding.


Prior to RAW, Maxine had limited connection with her gorgeous girls. As part of her journey with RAW she has focused on the reconnection and making her children an important part of her future life. Visits are becoming more regular and relaxed as the three of them spend quality time together.

Max works full time at Gallagher’s, where she has been offered a leadership role and she is also looking to do some study in the future.


Through RAW, Ina has become a regular speaker, and following a presentation at Auckland Dio, one of her daughters was offered a scholarship. This is an amazing opportunity for her daughter, which has arisen out of Ina’s integrity and her honesty when speaking, of at times a difficult journey of change, driven by her desire to be a better role model for her children.

Ina also is working towards a re-connection with her six year old son Chance, as well as regular weekly Skype calls she has a date scheduled for their next meeting.

Ina has nearly completed two years in hairdressing and goes on to study business in 2018. RAW has been donated a full salon fit out that will enable us to advance Ina into her own business at the end of her training and study.


Alissa and her two girls have been in their own home for over a year. Alissa is financially independent, off the benefit, and has enjoyed the opportunity she received of full-time employment for more than a year – and she has just had a promotion. Her eldest child is settled in school and her youngest will be starting next year.

Alissa lives in Hamilton and is another of RAW’s success stories.


Four of the RAW women have their children living with them and a fifth expects to be in a new home with her youngest son soon.

Others continue to see and support their children in a variety of ways. One of the RAW women has daily contact with a son receiving residential treatment for mental illness who often comments on how much he notices the changes his mum has made, and how it gives him the confidence to persevere with his own journey to wellness.

Another supports her eldest child who is now serving her own prison sentence, inspiring her take-up and progress through the functional programs on the inside, and to consider RAW on her release.

RAW has always been about the impact that we make for the women and the families. A lot of this impact will be in the tail of the destructive pathway that lies behind the RAW women, catching the children in its wake. It takes a while to unpick and get change for the kids, but we make it a priority to use the strong connections we have to ensure connection and education is prioritised.