Micropreneur Projects

RAW women, who have completed courses and/or on-the-job training, need your help accessing seed funding to get their small business off the ground.


Since completing her diploma in beauty course at Wintec in 2018, Patricia has been putting those newly acquired skills into practice at some of  Hamilton’s best-known spa and beauty salons. Outside of the working day however, Patricia is slowly but surely working towards the achievement of her next big milestone; starting a small business. Her plan is to set-up her own ‘brow-beautiful’ bar using a technique called micro-blading. Paying for extra course fees and specialised equipment is all that is holding her back. With your help, we can support Patricia and more RAW women like her, turn their love into their livelihood and financial independence.


From day one, The RAW Store in Hamilton East has been an integral part of the RAW model. Not only does it act as a meeting place for sponsors, funders and supporters to connect and/or contribute to the work that RAW is doing for socially disadvantaged women, but it also provides a safe workplace for the RAW women to transition back into employment and the community. And that’s the area where we want to do even better. Our idea is set up another employment opportunity with the launch of a mini in-store cake and coffee bar. Many of the RAW women have trained as baristas as part of their work-to-release qualifications so it becomes a natural stepping stone for them. With your help, we can set up our RAW ‘Xpress’ counter and induct even more RAW women back into serving and connecting with the community in a safe and supportive environment. Sign up to support our
Micropreneur Projects.