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RAW has helped me to dream big, to execute a plan, and to create the foundations in order to achieve a sustainable, healthy, offense-free future with strong family connections and values I can be proud of. Read Shannons full story here.



For Lynda, a childhood filled with the most unbelievable levels of physical, sexual and mental abuse quite naturally led to an adulthood immersed in violence, gangs, drugs and ultimately prison. It was during her last stint in prison, however, that Lynda decided two things; firstly, that she was never going back to prison again, and secondly, that RAW sounded like the place she needed to be part of. Ever since Lynda’s journey with RAW has been a series of zig-zags that have seen her come and go in response to the ebbs and flows in her life. Lynda is once again on her way back home (to RAW) ready to start 2021 with a renewed commitment to herself and her study. “I’ve got to go back to go forward.” Read Lynda’s full story her



Trish arrived at RAW in March 2017 after serving a 3 year prison term for drug-related crimes, but her journey with RAW has been different for a couple of reasons. Firstly, Hamilton was her place of offending so she didn’t have the opportunity of relocating away from her past. Secondly, apart from a three-month period, she has remained living in the RAW homes since her release. Today, Trish oversees all the comings and goings at the RAW homes and is the RAW onsite representative for any issue resolution. Read the full story here.



Ina’s Journey with RAW began in September 2015, just six months after RAW started working with female recidivist offenders. Despite her full-time participation in the programme ending in August 2016, Ina has maintained her connection with RAW and is considered one of RAW’s early and enduring success stories. Ina’s life today is what most New Zealanders would describe as normal, but to Ina, it’s both surreal and complete. Read Ina’s full story here.



Gina was the very first woman to join the RAW Programme back in March 2015 after a life of sexual abuse, loss, domestic violence, and drugs placed her on a pathway to prison. Six years on, there is a different woman that stands before us, and RAW has been right there beside her as she has reclaimed herself and redesigned her destiny. Read Gina’s full story here.



What has been the key to getting success for you with RAW?

RAW has made restarting life simple and achievable with endless support in all different areas, especially regarding my family situation. They hear what you hold close to your heart and move mountains to see you succeed. With their endless support, all the goals I set 15 months ago have been achieved!



Maddy joined the RAW programme in May 2018 after serving just under two years of her sentence for aggravated robbery. Two years on from leaving RAW, Maddy’s world is close to perfect. The final hurdle will be getting her eldest daughter back early next year, and then she will have exactly what she always wanted – a normal life. Read Maddy’s full story here.



Kylie joined the RAW programme in June 2017, after serving 15 months in prison. It was to be the beginning of the end of a lifetime spent in and out of youth detention centres, abusive relationships, and drug and alcohol addiction. Kylie distinctly remembers the day she met Rebecca inside – “I felt an instant connection, and when she said that RAW would never give up on me and that they would walk alongside me, I felt like all my prayers had been answered.” Kylie stayed in the RAW programme for nine months before branching out on her own in 2018. Two years on, and Kylie’s life is exactly where she wants it to be. Read Kylie’s full story here.



Petra’s childhood was a story of abandonment and violence until she was old enough to rebel against those who were hurting her. It started with drugs, gangs and violent relationships, and ended with the silence of prison. Going back to that life was no longer an option, but going it alone wasn’t either. That’s when RAW entered the room. Read Petra’s full story here