About This Project

Describe your life today
“Spending time with my family.”
“Eating, Sleeping!”
“Working, sometimes 12 hours a day.”
“Life has meaning now, I’m accomplishing more than I ever thought I would. I’m independent and I’m able to support myself financially.”
“I’m active in my chosen religion which helps ground me.”
What do you love about your life these days?
“I love that I can get up and move without relying on drugs.”
“I love that my children are proud of me.”
Are there any aspects of your life that continue to frustrate you?
“The fact that I’m not allowed to leave the country. i’d love to go to Aussie to meet my two granddaughters. It frustrates me that I have to pay higher premiums for car insurance due to my record and it’s frustrating that I can’t get life insurance. I’ve done my time, yet I feel like I’m still paying for it.”
How is life today different to life before RAW?
“I’m clean, and I’m not ashamed of my life. I use to isolate myself from my family and loved ones because of that shame, but today they are a big part of my life.”
“I’m more open and honest with my children, our conversations are real. I’ve taken ownership of my wrongdoings and asked for their forgiveness, I must admit it’s taken time but they know that addiction is in my past now.”
“Today our relationships are easy, and fun, I’m there for them when they need me and they know they can trust me.”

“I’m more goal-orientated now. Every time I achieve a goal, it makes me feel like I can do whatever I put my mind to.”


Looking back, what things now amaze you about the life that you were living (the things you accepted as normal)?
“Looking back it amazes me how I accepted domestic violence and how I normalised it.”
“I thought that I had protected my children from witnessing the violence. But I was mistaken; it became apparent to me when I read a support letter my daughter wrote to the parole board where she vividly talks about her memories growing up. It was heart breaking and hard to read because at that point I realised the true impact of the choices I made.”

Reflecting on when you first joined RAW, to where you stand today, what have been some big breakthrough moments/turning points’ in that journey?
“When I first joined RAW I wanted to finish the diploma I started before I went off the rails but I had a lot of self-doubt and lacked confidence. RAW supported me throughout the 2 years right up to graduation. Annah was there. Today I manage my own clinic. The turning point for me was recognising my own worth, I can hear Annah now “You need to know your worth Patricia” she drummed it into me.”
What did you need to learn/unlearn?
“I needed to learn to trust people again.”
“I had to learn how to identify my emotions and allow myself to feel them again.”
I had to learn to let go of unhealthy beliefs and replace them with healthy realistic ones.”
What did you need to accept?
“I needed to accept that you can’t change a person because it’s futile you only end up losing yourself in the process.”
What did you need to let go of?
“My toxic relationship and the fantasy of a happy ending”
Why do you think you have been successful in staying away from ‘the dark side’?
“I have control of my own life now.”
“I’ve learnt from my mistakes.”
What’s the secret to you sustaining a good life (away from the dark side)?
“Therapy! It’s so important we all need to off load at some point no good bottling it all up plus it’s always good to get a different perspective on things as well. I came out with so many issues, like social anxiety, PTSD, and OCD today I live a relatively normal life and I’m free from all that debilitating stuff!”

If you had to sum up in a sentence the role that RAW has played in your journey over the last 3 years, what would you say?
“RAW offers me stability and opportunities that I would not have otherwise been offered because of my record. They also extended that opportunity to my son and helped him get a job. There are so many avenues they can leverage and/or people they are connected to that can potentially help you, all you have to do is ask.”
What things have RAW made possible that you didn’t think would be possible?
“Home ownership… they have done the impossible!! RAW has helped one of our girls into buying her first home, I never thought that would be possible. To me that’s a success story with a happy ending or a new beginning however you want to look at it…”

Thinking ahead, what are your goals and plans
“Getting on the real estate ladder myself.”
“Franchisee or Business Owner.”
What do you perceive some of your challenges might be?
“Saving is hard.”
What is the thing that you know for sure about your future?
“The dark side is not an option.”
“I will always stay connected to my children and my family.”
What is the thing that excites you most?/most looking forward to?
“Living my life without regrets “
Where are the areas that RAW can most add value to in your journey ahead?
“Home ownership schemes”