January Newsletter 2017

January Newsletter 2017

Christmas and Holiday Celebrations

Thank you to our Christmas BBQ hosts and hostesses for giving the RAW women and children a day to remember on December 10th.

Thank you also to all of you who gave Christmas presents and gift vouchers for our women and children. These have been appreciated and enjoyed by all.

For a second year DV Bryant Trust donated the use of their Retreat at Raglan to allow our women a break from the city to relax and enjoy quiet walks, time at the beach and the Retreat’s beautiful setting.  They all appreciated the opportunity to use the facilities to have a holiday.

Three ways you could help us!

RAW is at 92 Commerce Street, Hamilton, Mon – Fri 10 – 4, Sat 10 – 2.

  • RAW needs stock.  We’ll gratefully take anything from furniture to smaller household items, clothing and personal effects.  For large items please contact Tony 027 4982 844 for collection.

Contact Sheryl – sheryl@strettonclothing.co.nz if you can:

  • Donate your pre-loved good condition phones and computers to RAW for study use.
  • Donate to help pay for children’s school fees, clothes, books and activities.

Can we help you?

Let one of our Angels get your section under control.

They have excellent skills as gardeners and grounds women and love the physical activity.

They are available to work up to an hour out of Hamilton including South Auckland.  Competitive rates offered.  They have their own blower, mower, weed eater and assorted tools.

To engage one of our Angels contact Sheryl –sheryl@strettonclothing.co.nz or call 07 889 4053 ext 204.

Working with Men

In late 2016 RAW was invited to start working with men at Waikeria and Springhill Prisons.  A collaborative approach is being taken with Corrections putting forward men with RAW, vetting them for the RAW programme.  A new men’s incubator home opened this week with its first resident.  Numbers are expected to build gradually as RAW becomes known at these two prisons.

Almost all our women have been in some form of employment or work experience over summer.

In their spare time Nore and Ina have acted as walking guides for the Te Atawhai Wellness Retreat.  This has been an excellent opportunity to show what they have to offer on a personal level as they encouraged and motivated others to achieve outside their comfort zones on various outdoor activities.

RAW is pleased to announce a second year of funding support from the Todd Foundation. 

Multiple year support from philanthropic funders like Todd Foundation demonstrates confidence in RAW’s success to date to offer a legal and thriving life to women and men on release from prison.

RAW is always looking for speaking opportunities – if you would like Annah and the RAW women to speak at your conference or event this year contact Tanya on tanya@strettonclothing.co.nz to find out more.