June Newsletter 2016

June Newsletter 2016

Cornerstone Partner

RAW is honoured to announce its first Cornerstone Partner is the Gallagher Charitable Trust. Gallagher’s 3 year commitment to RAW is key to RAW achieving real change in its women’s and men’s lives. With this support RAW will be able to continue developing new initiatives to provide opportunities for employment and family reconnection to break the intergenerational cycle of crime.


Thank you to our Funders

We are very pleased to welcome Hamilton City Council and Southern Trust as our latest funders. We also appreciate the ongoing financial support of Sky City Auckland and the Jack and Marjorie Ferrier Trust for a second year.




Our TEDx Superstar!

We are immensely proud of Gina who in a year has become a speaking superstar on the TEDx Manukau stage. Talking about her journey to prison, the barriers to achieve change on her own after release and forward to a new life with RAW in Hamilton. Gina received TEDx Manukau’s first ever standing ovation.

Gina’s TEDx Talk will be available later in July to view on the RAW website.




Leading a Healthy Life

Leading a healthy life with exercise and a good diet can be challenging for all of us! After years in prison outdoor activities, especially when centred in natural environments, are very attractive after prison walls.

More work is being done with our women and men to bring a balance into their lives including structured exercise activity. Challenging outings like this excursion to climb all 1349 steps of the Hakarimata walkway and the walk to the top of Mount Te Aroha motivate and develop a sense of achievement.

Perhaps some inspiration for the couch potatoes amongst us to aspire to achieve our movement goals too!




Business Heroes



Natalie Pearce from Home of the Brave is a Brand Strategist by day and her involvement with RAW ranges from writing content (blogposts, press releases, and pitching documents) to guiding the design process for key communication pieces.

In Natalie’s words: “It is both a privilege and an honour to be involved with such an innovative and transformative program like RAW. As a marketer, RAW is the ultimate ‘challenger brand’.  It has looked at a significant and growing societal problem and applied a different way of thinking (business logic) to bring
about a vastly different outcome. As women, RAW is about humanity, compassion and human potential. It’s about never accepting that an individual’s fate is sealed and instead, with the right amount of support and opportunity, enabling a different destiny to unfold. Finally as a mother, RAW is about the future. It’s about enabling women to become the role model and mother that we all want to be for our children. For all of these reasons I will remain a committed supporter of RAW.”



Friends of RAW

The Friends of RAW, Auckland, held their inaugural RAW fundraiser “A Fashionably Kind of Lunch” which was a huge success.

Hosted by Michelle A’Court who within the first minute had us laughing at her experiences of motherhood and setting the scene for Annah, Gina and Ina to speak about the challenges of rebuilding their lives and families after prison.


“Yesterday’s luncheon at La Cigale was a privilege to attend in support of a great cause. Annah S and Michelle MC were wonderful, as always, and the two women from RAW who spoke were delightful and empowering, as were their fellow “RAWers”. No wonder it was a sell-out and I hope they made lots of $$ to continue the work they’re doing – helping transform lives, one woman at a time.” Sue Lewis-O’Halloran

To those who attended, thank you for your support with the silent auctions and ‘gift house’. Our women were blown away by your generosity and kindness to them on the day. Through your support of time and conversation each woman grew a little in confidence and self-worth. A truly special gift, thank you!


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Advocating for RAW

Waikato Women in Law

Spreading the message about RAW and its work with women who have been to prison is a vital part of RAW’s work. Statistically only 5% of us achieve our goals the first time we try. If you have ever tried to lose weight or give up smoking you know how hard it is to make permanent changes in your life.
Without the support of RAW these women would continue down the pathway they know and back to

RAW would like to thank the following individuals and organisations for having RAW to speak and hosting fundraisers:

– Zonta Hamilton-Waikato
– Waikato Women in Law

– Maria Dyberg
– Management School, Waikato University

– Western Garden Club
– Living Life In Colour

To find out more about having Annah and the girls speak contact Tanya at tanya@strettonclothing.co.nz.

Education pathway

With a new semester starting this month we have women and men starting new courses in Business, IT and the Introduction to Media Arts at Wintec.

Our women who started study in February at Waikato University and Wintec are now enjoying a well-earned break with their children.

Ina, who is studying hairdressing, was selected for one of 9 places with this winning entry for years’ 1 -3 students for the 2016 Waikato Hairdressing Creative Team. She is looking forward to two more competitions in July and August to display her creative flair. We wish her all the best!



Entrepreneurship Model in Development

Many of our women and men have entrepreneurial flair so starting a business is a real alternative to finding work as an employee. RAW is planning to launch a 3 phase programme of workshops in September focusing on employment skills; what they need to know to start a business and developing a business plan; and launching their business assisted by RAW and a business mentor.

RAW is looking for business people interested in presenting workshops in their areas of speciality or who are interested in being a business mentor.

If this sounds like you please contact Annah on annah@strettonclothing.co.nz to arrange a conversation.



Help Us RAW

Incubator homes

We are always on the look-out for good quality household items for our homes.  If you can help us with any of the following please contact Tony on 027 498 2844:

• Whiteware, especially washing machines, fridges and microwaves
• TVs
• Lawnmowers
• Linen
• Mats for high walkway areas and open floor spaces

Creative requests

Our women and men have a variety of creative interests you may be able to help with:

• Blue plastic box strapping for weaving kits
• Large cooking pots for cleaning bones to carve
• Vegetable plants and soil/potting mix for kitchen gardens

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The RAW store in Frankton is an important element for the development of employment skills
and for our women to interact with the public. We will be thrilled to see you at the store
Monday – Friday 10 – 4
or Saturday 10 – 1
at 92 Commerce Street, Frankton.

Do you have retail experience and would like to work 1-2 days a week at RAW alongside a RAW
woman? Contact Tony on 027 498 2844 for more details.

The store is always looking for more stock. Furniture stays in the shop only days so if you’re replacing
your lounge suite or redecorating any of your rooms please contact us to donate. Call Tony on 027 498 2844 to arrange a pick up.

Employment Opportunities

The opportunity for one day of paid employment while they study to provide on-the-job training and
work discipline is an important element of reintegration. We are looking for opportunities in the
following areas:

• Hospitality
• Hairdressing
• Retail
• IT (high competency) and administration
• Garden maintenance
• Labouring
• Gym work

Can you help? Contact Tony on 027 498 2844 to discuss.