Newsletter April 2019

April 2019 Newsletter

Newsletter April 2019

Team Effort

On 30th April the RAW team, together with Auckland Region Women’s Corrections Facility (ARWCF), co-hosted a RAW On-the-Inside showcase event for our wonderful sponsors and funders.
TDDA, Waikato University, Gallaghers, Wintec, Green Sets, Fosters Construction, Montana to name just a few…

With a lot of planning and support from ARWCF, two of the women participating in RAW’s programme inside the prison were brought to Hamilton to take part in the event.   Sharing their experiences enabled the guests to not only get an up-close view of the sorts of challenges that face women who have been incarcerated for long periods of time, but also, the difference that can be made to their wellbeing and appetite for change when a programme like RAW is introduced.  A massive thank you to ARWCF for making this event possible and a further acknowledgement to all our sponsors and funders who were able to attend and share this event with us.

Can you help with Trish’s Trail Brazing

We’re still running our own version of a crowd funding campaign to help Trish get her micro abrasion business off the ground.  The cost of the course that Trish will need to complete before she is certified to practice is $3,000.  If you can contribute to our fundraising target please private message us on  facebook.

Alternatively, if you like the idea of advancing the funds as an interest-free loan, together with some hands-on involvement as a business mentor to help get Trish’s business off to a strong start, again please private message us on facebook.

The RAW whānau welcomes three new faces

RAW is delighted to welcome three new faces to the RAW On-the-Outside model.  Take to moment to visit the profiles of Shamarah, Petra and Leanne.  We look forward to celebrating their milestones with you in the coming months!

A place where hope and community collide

From day one, The RAW Store has been an integral part of the RAW model.  Not only does it provide a safe work place for the RAW women to transition back into employment and the community, but it also acts as a meeting place for sponsors, funders and supporters to connect and/or contribute to the work that RAW is doing for socially disadvantaged women through the donations of goods.

If you have got any of these items stored away that are no longer useful, please drop them into us at 92 Commerce Street, Frankton. We’re open from 9am to 4pm during the week or 9am to 2pm on Saturday.

A Story five years in the making

We are incredibly excited to announce that our Book – The RAW TRUTH – An Angel On Your Shoulder – is on the printing press and will be making its journey across the water to us any day now!  It’s not only beautifully crafted, but it’s also an epic story about what can happen when you restore hope, self-belief and unleash human potential. Pre-Order your copy today here.

The RAW Truth | Pre-Order Now

Become a RAW supporter

When Annah and the RAW Women are out speaking to different community and business groups throughout the country, one of the most common questions they get asked at the end of the session is Q: how can we help?  Now there is a very simple answer – sign up and become a RAW supporter – on our new make it monthly donations page.

For as little as $20 per month you can help RAW do more of what it does best, transforming another life of crime into a life of promise.

Where will your donation go?

100% of the proceeds go towards advancing the lives of RAW women.  In a nutshell, we help RAW women learn how to live a different and better life through intensive mentoring, wellbeing support, education and career exploration.

Your life-changing donation helps fund the following areas:

Take 5 minutes to sign up for a life-changing monthly donation.