Newsletter September 2018 – RAW As Your Speaker

Newsletter September 2018 – RAW As Your Speaker


Annah and the RAW women are available to speak to a wide audience, whether you are a community group, professional organisation, an event organiser or a business. Whether you are interested in RAW’s work for change for the socially disadvantaged or you are looking for an inspirational talk on reaching for the sky to achieve your dreams, RAW will leave a lasting impression for you and your colleagues.

“There was barely a dry eye in the house and it’s fair to say that all of us who attended were deeply affected by the women who presented.” Megan, Fonterra

To find out more about RAW as your Speaker contact Tanya at or phone 027 512 5232.


Annah, Rebecca and Norefjell attended the Criminal Justice Summit in Wellington on 21 and 22 August along with 700 others including Ministers of the Crown, Heads of Government Departments, service sector organisations working in the justice field, former offenders and victims of crime.

Four key messages to come out of the Summit were:

  • Political parties and government departments need to develop policy and process in a united manner
  • Māori need to be supported to identify and deliver solutions for Māori
  • Do no harm – many offenders are also victims and children in poverty are at higher risk of becoming both victims and offenders
  • Prisons need to become wānanga or places of learning

RAW created invaluable connections at the Summit including with the Ministers of Justice, Police and Corrections. We are looking forward to developing and building on these new connections.


RAW congratulates director Amanda Millar for capturing the true essence of Celia Lashie. The first female prison officer in a male prison in New Zealand, Celia fought to get people the tools for making responsible decisions, from female prisoners to fatherless boys to impoverished children. Celia had a particular focus on empowering mothers. The documentary was filmed over the last months of her life, following a diagnosis of terminal cancer.

“Every child is born pure and filled with their own particular brand of magic.” Celia Lashlie

Celia is one of the International Film Festival documentaries and will be showing at The Lido in Hamilton on 9, 10 and 17 September.


When education becomes the new currency, and prison becomes a 21st-century hub for learning and rehabilitation.

Working in the women’s prison on a weekly basis, I am more convinced than ever that education is the solution to New Zealand’s amplifying crime rates. Why? Quite simply because it opens up the possibility of a new life and a new source of income to replace the illegal one that has led to their incarceration in the first place…”



RAW is looking for 4 blenders or magic bullets to take into the prison to assist in a healthy eating programme that we have instigated through RAW on the Inside. You can help the women make better food choices, reduce food waste and help the women to feel great about themselves. Contact Tanya on 027 512 5232 or


Our RAW Store needs a new Manager. This is an exciting role that assists the women with their reintegration and manages much needed items for our incubation homes. Join the team that is truly making a difference. If this sounds like you or you know someone that would enjoy this role contact Tanya on 027 512 5232 or