Newsletter October 2018 – Celebrate with the RAW women

Newsletter October 2018 – Celebrate with the RAW women


Celebrate milestones with the RAW women

As we near the end of the academic year 3 of our RAW women in their first year of study are shining.

Kylie on the left has been interning with Foster Construction over the term break. So impressed with her enthusiasm Foster Construction has offered her part-time paid work for the rest of the year and a building apprenticeship for 2019. Kylie is beaming!

Charlotte, in the middle on the left, is in her first year of Environmental Law at Waikato University and she has been offered an international scholarship in year 4 by the Vice Chancellor for the high standard of her work. In September her and her partner won the law client negotiation competition, her second competition win this year. From February, Charlotte will be working part-time with law firm Tompkins Wake while continuing her studies.

Mary on the right is studying catering at Wintec and getting A’s. She is proving a natural in the kitchen and is employed part-time at Café Frock where she is receiving extra one-on-one training from the chef.

Introducing the new RAW Store Manager

Arlene Beavan has joined the RAW team as the new RAW Store Manager.  Coming from Probation Arlene has seen men and women leaving prison struggle to reintegrate and is looking forward to working with RAW where she can make a real difference.

When you next drop into the RAW Store, Arlene looks forward to meeting you.

Giving Hope – RAW on the Inside

RAW on the Inside is giving hope to women who find prison life dreary and unfulfilling. For many, release from prison will mean returning to a life without hope, without expectation or purpose. RAW is offering the women experiences and opportunities to find out who they are, what they enjoy and are good at and what is possible if you believe in yourself.

The latest RAW workshop was floristry and the simple act of being able to create something beautiful to give to someone else brought some of the women to tears. Many thanks to Adele Marshall for agreeing to do “flowers on the inside.”

This workshop generated more than one letter of appreciation for RAW’s work:

“Wow guys the floristry class was amazing! What you are capable of pulling off in here never ceases to blow my mind. Thank you so much! … Lately I feel as though I am breathing, sleeping, eating RAW and I absolutely love it. At night time my dreams are no longer about the dreary life in here, they are filled with vision, hope and happiness. I wake up ten times more excited about the day, with the added benefit of feeling as though I’m successfully working towards the future now.” Shannon

Visit from the Inside

Another first in September is Corrections allowed an evening visit from five women prisoners and five key staff to see first-hand what life with RAW looks like. The RAW women hosted our visitors with a meal in one of the homes and a question and answer session on what life with RAW could offer them on release.

Speakers in training

Glen Sharkey is a professional speaking coach who has been giving his time to teach the RAW women the skills of public speaking and the art of telling a story. These are much looked forward to sessions, as they are not only confidence building but also a lot of fun! Click here to view Glen Sharkey’s LinkedIn profile.