Hugo Charitable Trust Dragon’s Den

Hugo Charitable Trust Dragon’s Den

Last week the Hugo Charitable Trust hosted a Dragon’s Den for young lawyers to pitch a charity for the Hugo Charitable Trust to support.

Young lawyer, Samantha Lee, of Tompkins Wake proudly and successfully pitched for the work of RAW with the Dragon’s Den panel.

RAW is the significant person in the lives of recidivist female offenders who want a different life on release.  In the words of one of our newer RAW women “Being a part of RAW is something really special … we are a tight knit group who thrive off each other’s successes. I have people who are here for me whenever I need them … don’t get me wrong life still gets stressful … but it’s good stress and I have support, I’m not alone … They believe in me.”

Samantha was a wayward teenager whose life was off the rails until a significant person in her life set her on a path of learning which became her passion, ultimately leading to her career in law.  Knowing how her rough start in life could have ended so differently she did not hesitate in approaching RAW to represent us at the Dragon’s Den.

RAW thanks both Samantha and the Hugo Charitable Trust for believing in our work with women leaving prison, and in the RAW women who are taking new paths to success for themselves and their tamariki.

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